How the JIMMYKare Fund and JIMMYKare Krafts Came About

Jimmy was diagnosed with DMD when he was 3 years old.  Although he had difficulty with some physical activity, life was pretty typical for Jimmy. Early in 2014, when Jimmy was 9 years old, he began having much more difficulty walking.  He was not able to climb stairs any longer. We made the decision to stay in our home because Jimmy loves our backyard pool so much.  We began renovations on our home to add an accessible downstairs bedroom and bathroom for Jimmy.  He was thrilled to watch the construction over the early spring months. 


During the week of spring break, Grandma was here entertaining the boys while mom was at work. Jimmy fell in the backyard and Joey and Grandma were not able to pick him up off the ground. The neighbor came over and they still were not able to get him back on his feet.  Mom called her friend Amy to come help as well. Amy and the others were able to get Jimmy up so he could continue playing in the yard. Amy had not seen Jimmy for quite some time and was shocked that he had deteriorated so quickly. She felt compelled to do something to help. Later that week, Jimmy fell walking out of a movie theater. He broke his leg. Jimmy never walked again. 


From these series of events, the JIMMYKare Fund was created. Amy and a group of our friends organized a wonderful fundraiser. Donations flooded in and Jimmy and the fundraiser were featured in the Toledo Blade. After a great deal of work and organization by a wonderful group of friends, a multitude of family, friends, teachers, and neighbors filled the hall for a night of fun and dancing. An amazing $11,000 was raised for the JIMMYKare Fund. We used this money as a down payment for an accessible van. What a blessing! We were enormously overwhelmed with the generosity of our community and all those who donated and attended the event.


As one can imagine, living with DMD is a difficult journey, not only for the boy, but for the entire family. Mom has always be a craft fanatic. With the purchase of a cutting machine, mom found a new hobby and found that designing and making crafts was a great stress relief. Mom was making signs and plaques and t-shirts and all kinds of things and was told on several occasions that a  selling crafts to others would prove successful. From this, Mom decided that all the proceeds from the crafts would be deposited into the JIMMYKare Fund and used to support Jimmy and his growing list of adaptive equipment and necessary accommodations. JIMMYKare Krafts was created. It has been a wonderful and rewarding path.  JIMMYKare Krafts is growing and growing.


JIMMYKare Krafts has made a significant difference in the quality of life that Jimmy experiences on a daily basis. Jimmy has an electric desk. With a push of a button, Jimmy can change the height of the desk based on the activity and his wheelchair can fit under it. We have also purchased a kitchen table that accommodates Jimmy's wheelchair as well. Because we were able to purchase a portable hoyer lift, Jimmy is able to be transferred to and from his wheelchair in the community. He has been able to swim this winter at the YMCA because of the lift. The list goes on and on but the most important purchase, according to Jimmy, is the pool lift. With the help of a very generous friend, Deleana, and the JIMMYKare Fund, a pool lift was purchased. D&R pool Sales sold the lift at cost, and Steve from D&R installed it at no cost. Jimmy is now able to get in and out of our pool safely and get very much needed exercise. He just loves the pool. 


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and prayers.